HCSA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that receives donations and funds three major initiatives: Helping Hands, Community Interest and the Food Pantry.
Helping Hands helps citizens with clothing, gas and or utility needs. They also help with educational assistance, various community projects, utility shut-off notification and social worker referrals.

The Community Interest program supports the Holiday Lighting on the Green and Hudson Senior Citizens.

The Food Pantry is a more recent development that provides a 3 to 5 day emergency food supply to Hudson individuals and families who fall below the Federal Poverty guidelines or have emergency situations such as a fire, loss of job, divorce-loss of spouse, sudden disabilities or medical problems.

The organization of the Hudson Community Service Association (HCSA) is comprised of an Executive Committee, a Board of Governors, three Operating Committees (Helping Hands, Community Interest and the Food Pantry) and the Associate Members. The Executive Committee and Operating Committee leadership is determined annually in June by the Board of Governors. Members of The Board of Governors are selected for three year rotations by a selection committee chosen from the Associate Members. HCSA meets the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the Barlow Community Center (except for July and August).



Our stated mission and purpose is to promote the general welfare of the citizens living in Hudson, Summit County, Ohio. We believe in promoting and assisting recreational facilities for said citizens, to encourage improvements for the convenience and comfort of said citizens, to provide, promote and assist the charitable assistance for citizens residing the Hudson School District, and to assist and provide for returning United States Armed Forces veterans of Hudson and their immediate families.


For over 70 years the Hudson Community Service Association has been serving the citizens of Hudson. HCSA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. It was incorporated in 1944, near the close of World War II to assist and provide for returning United States Armed Forces veterans of Hudson and their families. Hudson was a growing community of approximately 2,500 residents.
Wanting to see every member of our community cared for, the founders of HCSA began contacting non-profit organizations and inviting them to join together in a forum that would enhance their ability to identify community needs and develop strategies to meet those needs. Today there are still approximately 30 organizations that are members of the Hudson Community Service Organization.

OFFICERS 2020-2021

Chairperson: Joan Sauer
Vice Chairs: Les Fossler
Secretary: Nancy Ledbetter
Treasurer: Debbie Garrison

Board of Governors and Member Organizations